An error log is a listing of the error messages and warnings which appeared for one reason or another while your visitors were browsing your website. This type of a log includes raw information about the way the hosting server has dealt with requests in different situations. An error message could appear if, for instance, a link leads to a site or a file that's not on the server, if the code on a given page cannot be processed, if someone is trying to access the Internet site or its back office through an IP address that is blocked by an .htaccess rule and so forth. The info within the error log offers the IP address of the website visitor, what error message appeared and the cause for the web server to display it, the full path to the file which generated the error and the exact time of the event. Having this info will help you learn if any part of your site has a problem, which you can then fix. As a result, your site visitors will have a better experience and you may optimize the website for maximum performance.

Error Log Viewer in Shared Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with our shared hosting accounts, shall make it quite simple to generate and check out an error log for any website that you have inside your account. Once you log in, you have to navigate to the Access/Error Logs section and click on the On/Off button for the site that you need to monitor. The button is available for every domain name you have hosted and every subdomain which you have created, so you can get a comprehensive log for each and every one of them independently, so that you can be able to check out the websites for problems simplier and easier. A second click on the exact same button shall turn off the feature, but you'll still be able to get the log by clicking on the Download link, that's available in the same section. If required, you can use software on your PC to process the raw server information for statistical purposes.

Error Log Viewer in Semi-dedicated Servers

Activating the generation of error logs for each of your sites shall be really easy if you are using a semi-dedicated server account on our cutting-edge hosting platform. This requires one click within the Access/Error Logs section of our in-house built Hepsia CP, which comes with the semi-dedicated accounts, so you will not need to have any previous experience with an website hosting service. Our system shall start collecting the raw data instantly and you will be able to save it to your personal computer by simply clicking on the Download button, which is located in the exact same section of the Control Panel. If you need to use human-readable charts and prepare performance reports, you may process the downloaded files with some software on your personal computer. The error log generation could be deactivated just as fast if you no longer require reports for your Internet sites.