If you order a new shared hosting account, it takes a bit of time for the payment to be processed, the account to be set up and then activated. As advanced as the process is, a human factor is invariably involved - your transaction may be checked manually or the account may need some technological time to be created by a man or a woman. This is often the case with resellers and it's really not unusual to wait for many hours, sometimes even for several days. Rather than handling your websites, you spend your time waiting for someone to process the order. Sometimes, service providers even wait for a bunch of orders to gather within their system queue before they process them in mass, while you are capable of doing nothing else but wait for them.

Instant Account Activation in Shared Hosting

When you purchase a shared hosting plan from us, you won't have to wait because your new account will be activated almost instantly. Within a matter of minutes we'll set everything up and we'll send you the account login info, so you can start working on your sites right away. If you purchase a domain name with the hosting plan, it will be accessible online minutes after your order, so if your Internet site is ready and you have the files on your PC, you can go on and upload them. If you select any of our cost free script-driven applications to be pre-installed during the hosting account’s setup, it will also be ready to use without delay and since we're available at all times, you can order a brand new account even during holidays and get it activated immediately.

Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you get a semi-dedicated server plan through our company, we'll process your payment and set everything up at once. Within a few minutes after you submit the order, you'll have the account login information and a 100% functional web hosting Control Panel, so you can log in and start working on your website. Picking a pre-installed script on the order page will not affect the activation time, so, in case you want to begin building your web presence via one of the free apps that we offer with the semi-dedicated packages, you will not have to wait more than several minutes and you'll get the script management area login details together with the semi-dedicated account ones. You may get a new account at any time since we are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Instant Account Activation in VPS Servers

A VPS server generally requires longer to be created compared to a shared hosting account. However, if you get such a package from our company, we are going to set everything up and your brand new VPS is going to be fully operational in only an hour. We understand that you might need a server right away, let's say if you are switching website hosting providers or if you demand more system resources as compared with what you can receive from a standard shared account. That’s why, we won't make you wait around more than one hour regardless of what package, Operating System or hosting Control Panel you have chosen during the registration procedure. If you need a virtual web server without a Control Panel at all, it will even be ready within minutes, so you can go on and start using it instantly.